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The Foundation


In 1974 Fritz Winter presented a large part of his artistic estate to the Galerie-Verein München e. V. The artist’s aim and condition was to create a non-profit making foundation for the works. This was set up by Konrad Knöpfel, a friend and patron of Fritz Winter’s since 1965, and approval was granted on the 29th December, 1981, for a non-profit making foundation under public civil law based in Munich. Care of 600 works was transferred to the Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen by the Galerie-Verein.

Tasks and objectives

Fritz Winter defined the aim of the Foundation as being: “To promote science and research as well as art and culture by assisting talented young people in these fields.” Based on this intention, the Fritz Winter Prize has been awarded to outstanding scientists, scholars of the arts and artists since 1986. In addition, the works of art in the holdings provide a basis for exhibitions that explore the artist’s œuvre, present it in contrasting and complementary art historical contexts and highlight it in quality publications.

Board of Trustees

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees comprises:

  • Prof. Dr Carl-Heinz Heuer (1st Chairman)
  • Dr Bernhard Maaz (2nd Chairman)
  • Regina Hesselberger-Purrmann (Member)
  • Dr Jürgen Spieker (Member)
  • Dr Anna Rühl (Curator of the Foundation)
Award ceremony in the Pinakothek der Moderne in 2015